How to Order Lifewave Patches
Each Sleeve Contains 30 patches and will last 30 - 60 days


I think you're going to LOVE Lifewave phototherapy patches and highly recommend that you sign up for a wholesale membership account!

It's kind of like getting a Costco card but there's no annual fee or minimum orders. Just a one-time $25 membership fee so you can get wholesale price forever! Use my links to order you'll get free support in this AcuPatching365™ Community.

If you'd prefer not to get a membership, just click here to order your patches now.

Option #1
Place a Retail Order

Order 1 sleeve of patches to try. Save $20 - $30 dollars on your total order of  2 or more patches. Save even more when you sign up for autoship.

Autoship will send the patches you select every 30 days. It's easy to change your order or cancel. There's a 30 day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

Order Your Patches

Option #2
Get Wholesale Pricing &
Save $27 - $120

Save $20 to $30 on each patch, when you sign up with a Bronze or Silver Membership. PLUS, you'll get the wholesale discounts on all future orders and a special website to reorder. You'll have the potential to earn retail commissions.

No minimums or annual fees ever. Sign up for Bronze if buying two different patches or one X39. Sign up for Silver if you want to try multiple patches.

Sign Up for Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale Membership Options

Pick the membership option that best fits your needs. Includes one-time membership fee. No minimums. When you click the sign up link, select your country and then the type of membership you'd like. Then add your patches.

Enrollment Starter


One Time Fee

Wholesale Pricing

Custom Website for Reordering

Does Not Include Any Sleeves




One Time Fee

Wholesale Pricing

Custom Website for Reordering

Includes 6 Sleeves at lowest price (reg. price $419.94)



One Time Fee

Wholesale Pricing

Custom Website for Reordering

Includes 2 Sleeves
(reg. price $171.67)